Diabetic Association of Pakistan

Organizational Information

5-E/3 Nazimabad
74600 Karachi
Tel: +92.21.36616890
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.dap.org.pk

Membership Information

Founded in 1966

9180 Members in 2016




Member of IDF since 1967




The Diabetic Association of Pakistan (DAP) was established in 1966 and out patient clinic was started.Affiliated with International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 1967. In 1982 the Eye CLinic for people with diabetes was started and the Foot Clinic was established in 1987.

Main Focus

The mission of Diabetic Association of Pakistan is to provide specialised Medical Care and Education to the people with diabetes.

The association offers the following services:

  • Daily around 250 patients come to the out patient department of DAP for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.
  • Free consultation is provided to all people with diabetes.
  • Insulin injections, medicines and laboratory investigations are also provided free of cost to all Type 1 diabetic children and deserving patients.
  • Screening and treatment of retinopathy to deserving patients.



  • Research activities
  • Education and Awareness Programmes. Diabetic Association of Pakistan regularly conducts conferences, workshops, awareness programmes for doctors, allied health professionals, people with diabetes and their relatives
  • International Diabetes Conference and Workshops

The World Diabetes Day activities are given wide coverage by the print and electronic media.  

  • Scientific Sessions for doctors, allied health professionals, people with diabetes and their relatives were held at different Universities, Medical Colleges, Diabetes Care Centres, Schools and Colleges all over Pakistan.  
  • Diabetes awareness programmes by leading experts and Diabetes Facts Promos on different TV and radio channels.
  • Diabetes walk was held on the World Diabetes Day.
  • Monument Lighting at different cities in blue.  
  • Diabetes branded Billboards in different cities of Pakistan.
  • Tent cards with messages about WDD in leading Hotels & restaurants  
  • Patient Awareness Programmes using Diabetes Conversation maps by Diabetes Nurse Educators  
  • Blood Glucose Screening
  • Camps involving Diabetes Nurse Educators 





Publications & Newsletters

Download their latest annual report (2011-2012)

Diabetes Digest is published every month since 1988.

A large number of publications

Message from the President

Mr. Mian Mukhtar Ahmed "As a member of IDF, we are able to participate in the largest global network of diabetes organisations dedicated to achieve progress for people with diabetes.

IDF membership gives access to:
Educational materials, with access to proven, effective,
professional education about diabetes;
Communication materials, with access to World Diabetes
Day printed campaign material;
Networking opportunities, through a global network of diabetes organisations connections and through the World Diabetes Congress with the opportunity to share experiences and
strategize with the diabetes community.
Diabetes is a chronic and costly disease. The world is experiencing it as an epidemic. The significant efforts to prevent diabetes would not be possible without sufficient diabetes education. Every person with diabetes should receive education to help them manage their diabetes better. Every one should be aware that early diagnosis and management of diabetes will prevent or delay the complications of diabetes and that Type 2 Diabetes is preventable.
To do nothing is not an option. Act Now – Tomorrow will be too late.
Eat less. walk more, avoid obesity at all costn eat healthy diet."


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