Association Tunisienne des Diabetiques

Organizational Information

Boulevard 9 Avril
Immeuble SNIT - app 5L2
1006 Tunis
Tel: +216-71-569096


Membership Information

Founded in 

3500 Members in 2013


employees and volunteers

Member of IDF since 1967


Message from the President

Dr Ahmed Ghattas "Diabetes is a more and more common and complex disease affecting different generations, regions and social classes, affecting physical, mental, moral , material and professional profitability, not to mention its impact on society and social spending. Despite all this, the will of our patients, their families, healthcare workers, educators and volunteers offer curative, preventive and effective support.

Also important are the political will and the implementation of adequate preventive control strategies; the material means necessary;  specialized human resources; promoting awareness; scientific research and collaboration with NGOs and international organizations such as IDF."




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