Diabete Quebec


Organizational Information

8550 Boulevard Pie-IX
Bureau 300
H1Z 4G2 Montreal-Quebec
Tel +1-514-259-3422


Membership Information

Founded in 1954

20000 Members in 2016


16 employees and 1300 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1982




Diabete Quebec was established in 1954, helping people with diabetes for 60 years. It has 40 affiliated association throughout Québec, a network of more than 130 diabetes education centers (hospitals, medical clinics, CLSC) and a Professional Council (CPDQ) created in 1979 with a membership of over 1 400 health care professionals involved in diabetes.

Mission: Inform, Raise awareness and Prevent. 


Main Focus

  • Diabetes education
  • Providing services
  • Funding research
  • Defending rights


  • Diabetes education programs designed for nutritionists, nurses, pharmacists, and other HCP on many themes 
  • Scientific congress meeting in Oct/Nov with more than 1 000 participants from Québec, New Brunswick and Ontario
  • Conferences and awareness activities such as blood glucose testing provided to the community and to HCP
  • The Diabétaide education program for HCP and for people living with diabetes 
  • Information stands, thematic lectures, health day activities in drugstores and in the workplace
  • InfoDiabète: a free diabetes information service, by phone or email, with nutritionists and nurses

Publications & Newsletters

  • Plein Soleil magazine (1959) 23 000 distributed
  • Brochures, books, news bulletins
  • Web site : www.diabete.qc.ca

Message from the President

Mr Marcel Breton



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