Fondation Haitienne de Diabete et des Maladies Cardio-Vasculaires


Organizational Information

Maladies Cardiovasculaires
PO Box 48
208 Lalue


Membership Information

Founded in 1987

4000 Members in 2016


12 employees and 100 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1994



In May 1987, the Association Haïtienne de Diabète (ADH) was created with the assistance of the Port-au-Prince Lions Club Central. The popular clinics were receiving an increasing amount of patients, numbering to over one hundred per session.

In 1989, ADH opened its headquarters at 208 Lalue, The Saint-François de Sales and Cité Soleil clinics were transferred to that location, and ADH was then able to provide other services, such as daily educative workshops and the sale of medication at a reduced price for members of the association.

Because of the high occurrence of hypertension among diabetics, ADH became FHADIMAC, "Fondation Haïtienne de Diabète et de Maladies Cardio-Vasculaires" in 1993.

Young Leaders in Diabetes

Widny represents FHADIMAC in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about him and about the YLD programme here

Message from the President

Dr René Charles 



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