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3/6 Asad Avenue
1207 Dhaka
Tel +88-0171-3209091


Membership Information

Founded in 2003

15,003 Members in 2014



86 employees and over 36 volunteers

Member of IDF since 2013




Eminence Associates for Social Development emerged as a not-for-profit organization with its brand name ‘Eminence’ to reach out the people in need alongside contributing its potential to invigorate the existing development system. Since its inception in 2003, Eminence started its venture as a non-profit organization with a vision of creating a society where the people live in equity and health justice by their maximum potential. 
Understanding the need for acting on NCDs, Eminence has put emphasis on NCDs. 




  • Eminence and NCD-F jointly observed World Health Day 2013 with the theme “Control Blood Pressure”. To ensure availability of the forum partners the event took place with a “Walk for Health” and “Open Air Consultation”. 
  • Eminence has been implementing ‘Close to Heart’, a life style modification, and awareness-building project in some of leading tertiary level hospitals. The objective of this initiative is to stimulate awareness on NCDs among the patients visiting doctors in the respective hospitals. 
  • Eminence and NCD-F jointly submitted a position paper to the WHO Consultation on 2013 – 2020 Action Plan and the Global Monitoring Framework. Another knowledge based ongoing work is a research on “Relation of drug compliance, healthy lifestyle and health outcomes among diabetes patients attending hospitals in Dhaka city.”
  • In 2013 Eminence organized diabetes screening and health education camp at the biggest fruits, vegetables and grocery whole sell market in Dhaka. The objective was to reach mass population as well as people coming for wholesale shopping. 
  • Throughout the daylong camp more than 200 individuals sought service from a team of eight allied health care professionals.

Message from the President

Dr Shamim Hayder Talukder 


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