Why join the Federation

IDF is a diverse and inclusive multi-cultural network of national and international diabetes associations, and an authoritative global voice in non-communicable diseases. Its greatest strength lies in the capacity of its membership and its ability to ground global advocacy in the reality of local experience.

IDF is divided into seven regions, with the aim of strengthening the work of national diabetes associations and enhancing collaboration between them.

IDF membership gives access to a global network of diabetes experts and volunteers mobilised to support national associations.

By joining IDF, you will participate in the largest network of diabetes organizations dedicated to achieve progress for people with diabetes.

You will have access to:

  • Educational materials, with access to proven, effective, professional education about diabetes
  • Advocacy materials, with access to advocacy tools and resources to empower diabetes advocates
  • Communication materials, with access to World Diabetes Day campaign material
  • Networking opportunities, through a global network of diabetes organisations connections and through the World Diabetes Congress with the opportunity to share experiences and strategize with the diabetes community