Youth Diabetes Action


Organizational Information

B17, 9/F, Block B, Merit Industrial Centre, 
94 To Kwa Wan Road, To Kwa Wan,
Hong Kong, China
Tel +852-2544 3362



Membership Information

Founded in 2001

1522 Members in 2016


4 employees

Member of IDF since 2011




The Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) was founded in 2001, and is a registered Hong Kong charity and a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. YDA’s mission is to support children and adolescents with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong. Their objectives are:

  • To be an advocate for children and adolescents with diabetes 
  • To improve the communication with and support to children and adolescents with diabetes and their family members
  • To promote community awareness and knowledge of diabetes’ effect on children and adolescents
  • To organize, promote and execute educational, social, and other programmes for children and adolescents with diabetes, their family members, and the public
To support children and adolescents with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong
No child being held back because of diabetes 



Main Focus

YDA concentrates on family sharing events, organising activities for children, educating parents, and developing public awareness to overcome the prejudice and difficulties children with diabetes have to overcome at school and in the community.


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Health Education:

Diabetes Conference 2016

Activities for members: visit here




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Message from the President

Ms Fina Cheng "Youth Diabetes Action” has been serving families living with diabetes since 2001. As a member of IDF, we are able to share experiences with other member organisations from around the world, especially at the annual conference. We share support and advocacy goals for our members in raising awareness of diabetes and assessing global trends. We are also strong supporters of World Diabetes Day in Hong Kong."


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