NCD Alliance partners with The Economist to focus on NCD prevention and control

On July 16, Economist Events will hold its second “New Approaches to Non-Communicable Diseases” meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. The meeting will focuses on the dangerous rise of NCDs in developing countries and will build-on issues discussed at the inaugural meeting in 2012.

Policy-makers, healthcare practitioners, industry leaders, NGOs, patient and community groups will come together to seek practical solutions in accelerating progress in the fight against Non-communicable Diseases.

The NCD Alliance, an official partner of the event, will be one of the few civil society bodies to attend the event.

This event is invitation only. To request an invitation, email [email protected] or for more information about the event, visit the website here.

In addition, the meeting's afternoon sessions will be broadcast via live stream. Register here to watch selected sessions live.