New Conversation Map set to achieve safer Ramadan experience

A brand new Conversation MapTM dealing with aspects of diabetes management during Ramadan is set to be rolled-out across IDF's regions this year. The creation of the Managing Diabetes During Ramadan Map follows extensive consultation with healthcare professionals on what they would like to see covered by Diabetes ConversationsTM, a programme created by Healthy Interactions in collaboration with IDF and supported by Lilly Diabetes.

The Map will be launched in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan,  Netherlands, Switzerland and Israel.

The Map follows a 24 hour journey during Ramadan and provides topics and points of interest to stimulate conversation. It addresses individual decisions within diabetes self-management during Ramadan with consideration of religious exemptions and the risks associated with fasting and diabetes management. The tool is beneficial for both individuals with diabetes and their healthcare team.

The goal of the Map is to help participants achieve a safer Ramadan experience through, amongst other items, the discussion of risks and complications, culminating in the creation of a Diabetes and Ramadan Management Plan.

Find out more about Diabetes ConversationsTM here