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Share your World Diabetes Day activity with us

With 14 November getting nearer and nearer, it's time to start sharing your planned and confirmed activities with us. Here are some highlights of what we've received so far:

Donated strips and meters give new life to children with diabetes

During April and May, around 1,300 children and youth supported by IDF's Life for a Child Programme (LFAC) received a blood glucose meter and access to 750 test strips (two test strips/day for a year). A gift that will change the way they are able to monitor their diabetes and care for their health. 

Donated strips and meters give new life to children with diabetes

Regular monitoring of blood glucose is a crucial tool in the life of a child with diabetes. It allows each individual to monitor and understand their body's very particular response to insulin, foods, and exercise. Unfortunately for many children and youth in developing countries, access to blood glucose meters and test strips is simply unaffordable.

Champion chef takes diabetes on the road again

Charles Mattocks, celebrity chef and IDF Blue Circle Champion, will head back out on the road this October and November for a new three month RV tour. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to his first tour, Charles will now take his RV from New York to California with about 30 stops in between.

Why physical activity is key to prevent and treat chronic diseases?

The European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) considers physical inactivity as one of the four common risk factors to the major chronic diseases causing 86% of deaths in Europe: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, cancers and respiratory and liver diseases.

Healthcare professional training on GDM Model of Care

The first training for healthcare professionals (HCPs) on the IDF GDM Model of Care was held on July 13 and 14 in Chennai, India.  The two day train–the-trainer programme was dedicated to GDM and the implementation of the Model of Care in WINGS (Women in India with GDM Strategy) collaborating centres.

New initiative to tackle NCDs on national level launched

July 16, 2013 - The NCD Alliance (NCDA) today launched a programme to support civil society efforts to tackle Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) at the national level. NCDs kill approximately 36 million people per year, with 80% of these deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries. If current trends continue, this figure is projected to rise to 52 million deaths by 2030.

Diabetes in the spotlight in Melbourne

NCD Alliance partners with The Economist to focus on NCD prevention and control

On July 16, Economist Events will hold its second “New Approaches to Non-Communicable Diseases” meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. The meeting will focuses on the dangerous rise of NCDs in developing countries and will build-on issues discussed at the inaugural meeting in 2012.

Policy-makers, healthcare practitioners, industry leaders, NGOs, patient and community groups will come together to seek practical solutions in accelerating progress in the fight against Non-communicable Diseases.

World Diabetes Congress: abstract categories

If you have submitted an abstract for the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, you should by now have received notification of whether yours has been accepted by the programme committee.

If your abstract has been accepted, please check which category it will fall under.

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