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Take a Step for Diabetes

The World Diabetes Day 2013 campaign is asking everyone to Take a Step for Diabetes, encouraging symbolic donations of steps accrued through various activities.

A step is any activity that helps promote diabetes awareness, improve the lives of people with diabetes or promotes healthy lifestyles. Everyone is encouraged to submit their steps to our custom designed platform. Our goal is to reach 371 million steps, representing the amount of people currently living with diabetes.

European Chronic Diseases Alliance sends open letter to José Manuel Barroso

The European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) sent today an open letter to the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso.

Mauro Talini continues his journey from the sky

It is with great sadness that the International Diabetes Federation received the news of the passing of Mauro Talini, an Italian cyclist with type 1 diabetes who was riding solo across the Americas to show that there is no limit to what an individual can achieve with diabetes.

Getting theatrical about diabetes

In the latest edition of Diabetes Voice, read about IDF's BRIDGES project to promote diabetes education and prevention through community theatre in Fiji.

Empowered regions key to slowing and reversing epidemic

Slowing and reversing the type 2 diabetes epidemic, through prevention, research and advocacy, is outlined as a key organisational goal within IDF’s Strategic Plan for the triennium, 2013-2015.

“This is a huge ambition, but one which is vital if life is to be made better for people with diabetes and those at risk” said Sir Michael Hirst, President IDF.

Survey on access to diabetes care in Europe: all translations now available

Following the launch the IDF Europe survey on Access to medicines and medical devices for diabetes care in Europe, the 3 questionnaires for people with diabetes, health care professionals and institutions are now available in all language versions. Click here to access all the questionnaires!

IDF Champion touching lives on the road

This is the latest instalment from Charles Mattocks, IDF's Blue Circle Champion, as he takes to the roads of the USA to raise diabetes awareness

Atlanta was next-up on the tour. We did three events in total and all were amazing.

European Medicines Agency publishes list of medicines under additional monitoring

The European Medicines Agency has published today the initial list of medicines subject to additional monitoring. This represents an important deliverable of the new European pharmacovigilance legislation. These medicines will have to display an inverted back triangle in their package leaflet and in the information for healthcare professionals called the summary of product characteristics (SmPC), together with a short sentence explaining what the triangle means.

Public consultation on World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki

The World Medical Association (WMA) has opened a two-month consultation on its Helsinki Declaration on medical research involving human subjects.

WMA invites all interested stakeholders to comment on the proposed changes to the text, which revised version has been posted on the WMA website. All experts and stakeholders are invited to submit their comments to the WMA secretariat no later than 15 June 2013.