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CEO Comments: Where are the NCD Targets?

Global leaders respond to diabetes epidemic

Over 120 world leaders from the UN, governments, private sector and NGOs have released a blueprint for action around the diabetes epidemic. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that unless rapid action is taken, one person in ten will have diabetes by 2030.

Latest issue of Diabetes Voice now available

Welcome to the first Diabetes Voice issue of 2012 - our first edition following the record-breaking World Diabetes Congress in Dubai.

Highlights include:

CEO Comments: first green shoots of an "NCD Spring"

The UN often comes under fire for not having achieved the twin goals of every Miss World contestant - world peace and the eradication of poverty. I say we just haven't achieved them yet. But let's never lose sight of the big goals and let’s never lose sight of the UN System's unique role in setting global standards and visioning major global threats and opportunities coming over the horizon.

Diabetes and ageing: hand-in-hand

April 7 marks the WHO World Health Day with a focus on healthy ageing.

On April 3, Jean Claude Mbanya, President of IDF addressed the World Health Day Forum, in Melbourne, on the opportunities and challenges facing our ageing population.

"We are now living in what has been heralded ‘the century of ageing’, with life expectancy soaring worldwide.

In 1950, when IDF was founded, the average life expectancy was 48 years old. Today, it reaches nearly 70.

Diabetes & NCDs: one step closer to inclusion in post 2015 development framework

Make sure NCD targets count where you are!

Six months ago, all Member States made important commitments to diabetes and NCDs at September’s UN High-Level Summit on NCDs. Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is leading an official process to develop a set of global diabetes and NCD targets which were called for in the Summit Political Declaration.

Six months on: women's health challenges recognised

Six months on, the impact and political momentum of the UN High-level Summit on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) is becoming clearer. Diabetes and NCDs are now taking the spotlight at key political meetings and are featuring in resolutions and declarations.

CEO Comments: UN Summit-change is a marathon not a sprint

Has the UN Summit changed lives of people with diabetes and other NCDs and what are the next steps in tackling this pandemic?

Ann Keeling, CEO of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) gives her verdict 6 months on from the UN Summit in New York.

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