Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network

The inauguration of the International Diabetes Federation Parliamentary Diabetes Global Network (IDF-PDGN) in advance of the recent World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne (2-6 December 2013) proved as productive as it was inspirational.

The event which took place with the support of Diabetes Australia emerged from the joint initiative of the President of the International Diabetes Federation, Sir Michael Hirst and former Senator in the Australian Parliament Mr. Guy Barnett, Ambassador for Diabetes Australia.

The Forum was held in the historic debating chamber of the Victorian Parliament.

Parliamentary representatives from over 55 countries gathered to discuss the public health challenges posed by the diabetes pandemic. Delegates presented individual country reports and shared their experiences. It was a powerfully effective session.

Undeniably, Sir Michael had facilitated the advent of a new and innovative global force for advocacy in Parliaments around the world, for people with diabetes and those at risk.

Following presentations and discussions, the Forum proceeded to the signing of the Melbourne Declaration on Diabetes, giving formal expression to the increasingly serious health, economic and social impacts on developing and developed nations from the diabetes pandemic.

Distinguished leaders delivered engaging presentations, which demonstrated a variety of innovative approaches currently being undertaken.

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