World Diabetes Day 2015: make healthy eating a right not a privilege

The latest IDF Diabetes Atlas estimates that 415 million adults worldwide are living with diabetes. By 2040, 642 million people, or one in ten people will be living with this condition. According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2015, 75% of people with diabetes live in developing countries where rapid urbanisation, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles are promoting the development of new cases of type 2 diabetes. Tragically, nearly half of people with diabetes remain undiagnosed, which makes them particularly susceptible to the complications of the condition, which cause significant disability and premature deaths.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for roughly 90% of all diabetes cases worldwide. Up to 70% of cases of type 2 diabetes could be prevented by adopting healthier lifestyles and promoting policies and environments that encourage healthy eating and increased physical activity.

The World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2015 campaign marks the second of a three-year (2014-16) focus on healthy eating and diabetes. With the slogan ‘Halt the diabetes epidemic: Make healthy eating a right, not a privilege’, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) calls for urgent action to improve access and affordability of healthy food choices to reduce the global burden of diabetes and save billions in lost productivity and healthcare costs.

The World Diabetes Day campaign focuses on the importance of healthy eating in preventing type 2 diabetes and in effectively managing all types of diabetes to avoid complications.

The key messages of the campaign are:

1. Act to change your life today
Healthy eating is an important part of managing all types of diabetes.

2. Act to change the world tomorrow
Access to affordable healthy food is essential to reducing the global burden of diabetes and ensuring global sustainable development.

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