ANAD – National Association for the Assistance of People with Diabetes

The Asociação Nacional de Assisténcia ao Diabetico (ANAD) has been designated as an International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Centre of Education for the period 2009-2012.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, ANAD was set up in 1979 to assist and guide people with diabetes and their families by providing the educational and psychological support required to effectively manage their condition and live full and healthy lives. The activities of the association also target health professionals with the aim of enabling them to better manage and treat people with diabetes. ANAD currently has over 20,000 members throughout Brazil.

The main activities of ANAD include:

For people with diabetes:

  • Medical care: endocrinology, cardiology, ophthalmology, and dermatology.
  • Interdisciplinary care: nutrition, odontology, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, podiatrics, physical activity, genetics.
  • Group activities: diabetes education, nutrition workshops, culinary courses, choir, ballroom dancing, group psychotherapy, physical activity.
  • Awareness campaign: World Diabetes Day celebrated in 1,000 Brazilian towns and cities.

For healthcare professionals:

  • Annual multi-professional and interdisciplinary diabetes congress
  • Symposiums
  • Workshops: nutrition, diabetic foot, physical activity, education, insulin pump, CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System), insulin, glucometers
  • Satellite symposia
  • Multi-professional courses on a variety of diabetes-related topics for physicians, nurses, chemists, dentists, and physical education teachers and coaches
  • Activities in partnership with ALAD, OPAS, and the Ministry of Health
  • Exhibitions of diabetes-related products
  • Interdisciplinary and multi-professional periodical – “Diabetes Clinica”
  • Lato Sensu Post-Graduate Course for diabetes educators

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