Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology (BIDE)

The Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology (BIDE) has been designated an International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Centre of Diabetes Education for the period 2009-2012. Founded in 1996, the institute has grown from a single room diabetes clinic to a tertiary care centre, providing comprehensive services under one roof.

Education facilities:

  • IT Department maintaining computerized records of all patients, and providing support services to the organization of data sharing management, and application support for the Health Care Management System (HCMS).
  • Training and courses: among others, a post-graduate “Diploma in Diabetology” for physicians, a "Diploma in Diabetes Education' for paramedics, and a Training Course for Foot-Care assistants, awarded by Baqai Medical University.

Diploma in Diabetes Education

This is a one-year, full-time course, the first of its kind in Pakistan. The curriculum is based on the “International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education” developed by International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The course encompasses all necessary education requirements related to diabetes and its management. Upon completion of the course, the trained educator will have the skills to conduct one-to-one and group education sessions in a diabetes unit/clinic, under the supervision of a diabetologist or consultant.

  • During the first three months of the course, BIDE provides intensive teaching and practical training.
  • The diploma programme includes two didactic courses. Each course has three units and is of 6 weeks duration.

Full description of the diploma (pdf).

Clinical facilities:

  • Out-Patient Department functioning with an innovative concept of collaborative services; where consultation and advice provided by the consultant diabetologist, nutritionist, and diabetes educator, coupled with prompt laboratory support services, has made the management plan of a single visit increasingly convenient and compliant.
  • Department of Dietetics & Education providing self-care and management courses, individualized diet plans, a 24-hour telephone advisory service, public awareness programmes and activities, such as annual diabetes awareness walks.
  • Foot clinic - Pakistan Working Group on the Diabetic Foot, PWGDF - consisting of a multidisciplinary team that provides comprehensive foot-care services.
  • Peripheral Diabetes Centers (8 in total) run by healthcare professionals who have received a one-year diploma in diabetology. A special software has been designed to incorporate all the relevant data from these centers into a single centralized pool.
  • Inpatient Department consisting of a High Dependency Unit for people with diabetes that require emergency treatment, intensive monitoring and in-house management.
  • Research centre affiliated with Nottingham University