Life for a Child receives support from T1D Exchange

The International Diabetes Federation is delighted to announce that T1D Exchange - a type 1 diabetes data exchange will support IDF’s Life for a Child Programme. T1D is a new not for profit project that hopes to become the largest type 1 diabetes study ever. It comprises of three components; a clinical registry, biobank, and web-based patient portal.

People with diabetes volunteering to join the Exchange, established by the Jaeb Center for Health Research in Tampa, Florida, will either be given the choice to receive a gift voucher for $20 or can elect to have a $20 donation made to Life for a Child programme or another diabetes charity.

The International Diabetes Federation "Life for a Child" Programme was established in 2001 with support from the Australian Diabetes Council (previously known as Diabetes Australia - NSW) and HOPE worldwide. It is an innovative and sustainable support programme in which individuals, families and organisations contribute monetary or in-kind donations to help children with diabetes in developing countries.

The formula is simple: contributions from donors go to supported diabetes centres enabling them to provide the on-going clinical care and diabetes education children need to stay alive. The centres provide comprehensive clinical and financial feedback to the Programme management team in Sydney.