Education is an integral component of the diabetes management and care. All health professionals need access to proven, effective, professional education about diabetes.

Resources produced by the Diabetes Education Consultative Section (DECS) for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) are designed to improve the profile of education and the expertise of diabetes educators and other health professionals.

These resources are available for download free of charge or can be ordered through the IDF shop. Currently, these resources consist of the following:

The Curriculum is an important step towards implementing a model of diabetes care delivered by an appropriately educated interdisciplinary teams.

The Diabetes Education Modules provide the content necessary for the IDF Curriculum and can be used as a foundation to develop health professional education programmes.

The International Standards describe the neccesary components of high quality diabetes self-management education (DSME) and on-going diabetes self-management support (DSMS) of those affected by diabetes and those at risk of diabetes throughout the world.

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