Twin Track Approach

IDF advocates for improved diabetes prevention, treatment and care using a ‘twin track’ approach. This combines diabetes advocacy with a parallel focus on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Working through the NCD Alliance

IDF formed the NCD Alliance in 2009 as a formal alliance with our three sister federations – the Union for International Cancer Control, World Heart Federation and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. We came together under a shared agenda, and to form a powerful voice collectively representing over 1,000 member associations and a further 1,000 supporting partners and NGOs. Together we have serious people power, an extensive network of member associations on the ground and unrivalled political legitimacy. In forming the NCD Alliance we filled a political niche for collaboration and joint advocacy on NCDs.

IDF and the NCD Alliance were the first voices calling for a UN Summit on NCDs in 2009 and were a highly influential civil society force throughout the process. The NCD Alliance has grown to a network of over 2000 organisations and has built influential partnerships within the UN system, international organisations, other NGOs and the private sector.  As a testament to the influence of the NCD Alliance, the former head of UNAIDS Peter Piot called the NCD Alliance a “special political asset…which can and should be a vital partner to the UN leadership.”

In May 2012, the NCD Alliance produced an Activity Report on our activies, achievements and impact around the UN Summit on NCDs. We also launched our new Strategic Plan 2012-2015, which aims to put NCDs at the heart of national health and development planning, in the mainstream of post-2015 development and to increase resources at all levels.

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