One Year On - Monitoring

A historic worldwide commitment to reduce and monitor diabetes deaths has been made:

Following the initiative of Jamaica and Samoa, and the leadership of the United States, Barbados, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Russian Federation, Egypt, Thailand and Switzerland, all governments adopted the historic target to reduce preventable NCD mortality by 25% by 2025 at the World Health Assembly in May 2012.  All governments will be held accountable to this target, and mandated to report diabetes deaths to the UN. Achieving the ‘25 by 25’ target will initiate major improvements in diabetes prevention, treatment and care. IDF + the NCD Alliance have led the civil society fight for this target for over a year.

  • National monitoring: Rwanda + Uganda are carrying out national NCD surveys to assess the scale of the problem and establish what interventions are needed.
  • National targets: South Africa have committed to reducing obesity/overweight by 10%, and increasing number of people controlled for diabetes by 30%, by 2020.