Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network

The Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network (PDGN) is a major advocacy programme of the International Diabetes Federation.

It was established in December 2013 at the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia. Parliamentary representatives from 55 countries met at a special forum for diabetes political champions.

The Parliamentarians agreed to establish the Network on a permanent basis to be led by a team of three officers:

  • Adrian Sanders MP (UK), President
  • Honor Dr. Simon Busuttil MP, (Malta), Vice-President
  • Dr. Rachael Nyamai MP (Kenya), Vice-President

They will be supported by the Hon Judi Moylan (Australia) as Global Coordinator.

The Melbourne Declaration outlined eight objectives for the Network among which were:

  • Eliminate discrimination toward people with diabetes.
  • Encourage governments to take comprehensive action to meet the targets set at the 66th World Health Assembly in 2013.
  • Work toward urgent action through exchanging views and seeking further knowledge.
  • Attend IDF organized meetings from time to time, (where practicable) to facilitate exchange of ideas and provide a support network.
  • Establish a platform for dialogue.

IDF-PDGN Newsletter:

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