Policy and Practice

IDF has built an impressive series of publications on policy and practice that have steered a change in the discourse of the global diabetes community from problem-focused to solution orientated. The Global Diabetes Plan, Charter of Rights and Guide to National Diabetes Programmes have been developed in consultation with diabetes experts to outline the policies, principles and practices needed for an effective diabetes response.

Global Diabetes Plan

The first ever Global Diabetes Plan (2011-2021) sets out a ten-year framework of action to guide governments, healthcare providers and civil society based around three objectives – improve health outcomes for people with diabetes, prevent the development of type 2  diabetes and stop discrimination against people with diabetes.
Download the plan in: ArabicEnglish, French, Spanish, and Russian.


International Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of People with Diabetes

The Charter reframes diabetes as an issue of human rights and social injustice. The Charter establishes that people with diabetes have the right to care, information and education and social justice and acknowledges that people with diabetes also have responsibilities. It represents the gold standard to which all countries should aspire to, and is a powerful campaigning tool to protect rights and combat stigma and discrimination.

Download the Charter in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.


National Diabetes Programmes

After the UN Resolution on Diabetes, IDF established the Task Force on Diabetes and NCD Prevention, Policy and Practice to support the implementation of national diabetes programmes (NDPs).

The task force produced a Guide to National Diabetes Programmes and a PowerPoint Presentation on the Guide. The Guide is designed to help Governments set up multisectoral, comprehensive plan for diabetes prevention and care.  Now named the Task Force on Sustainable Diabetes and Noncommunicable Disease Policy and Prevention, the Task Force is currently developing NDPs to support a comprehensive and holistic global approach to diabetes and NCDs.