Programme stats

Scientific Programme Sessions

The scientific programme was made up 7 streams and consisted of a total of 332 hours of sessions. These took place over 3.5 days and in 13 session halls as well as the poster area.

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Scientific programme hours per stream: 


Invited Speakers and Chairpersons

405 speakers from 51 different countries presented at the congress. The sessions were chaired by 276 people from 45 different countries.

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2208 abstracts were submitted for peer-review. These were reviewed by 129 peers from 27 countries. An additional 220 late-breaking abstracts were submitted. In total 2428 abstracts were received.

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Member Association Programme                                                                        

The member association programme consisted of a total of 19 hours of sessions. These took place over 3.5 days in the Diabetes Café.

Member association programme hours per IDF region*:

Satellite Symposia

The congress hosted 26 satellite symposia totalling 52 hours of sessions and 107 speakers.

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