Recognition Programme


The Consultative Section on Diabetes Education (DECS) of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was established in 1994. One of DECS’ functions is to conduct and/or stimulate the development of programmes and activities relevant to diabetes education worldwide. Over the years, DECS has received many requests for recognition of existing healthcare professional education courses and materials.

In response, DECS now offers the Recognition Programme whereby organisations offering courses for health professionals in diabetes education and management are encouraged and recognised for meeting international standards.  Recognition sends a message to the public that a programme has undergone an external review and has achieved a level of excellence in the education of healthcare providers working in the field of diabetes education and management.

Awarding IDF recognition to a programme does not mean that graduates of the program are certified or credentialed in any way by IDF. IDF recognition applies to the programme - not to the individual graduate of the programme.

This programme is deliberately broad with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of countries in the early stages of course development, while providing adequate structure to allow consistency of presentation and content.


  • Programme has been in operation for minimum of 2 years
  • Programme is ongoing and planned to be delivered at least annually
  • Multidisciplinary faculty is actively engaged in the programme
  • Programme has a named coordinator
  • Programme has defined selection criteria for students
  • Objectives of the programme reflect the IDF International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education
  • Content is evidence- based
  • Evaluation of the program is 3 tiered
    1. Programme as a whole
    2. Student learning – evaluation strategy matched objectives
    3. Faculty
  • Feedback from evaluations has been incorporated into programme changes
  • Course/programme is hosted by a not for profit institution

Recognition obtained under the DECS process applies to diabetes education courses for healthcare providers and is conferred on the understanding that the following pertain:

  • For the safety of others, people engaged in the field of health are responsible for carrying out only those clinical and educational procedures for which they have been prepared and are sanctioned by the appropriate regulatory body or professional organisation. Preparation must include theory and supervised practice and assessment within a specified time frame.
  • Maintenance of knowledge and skill in performing clinical procedures and education is essential. Measures should be in place to ensure that regular review of competence occurs according to the statutory regulations within each country.
  • Health professionals are at all times responsible for their own acts. They are expected to be aware of the limits of their abilities and to function within those limits and according to the specific laws and regulations that govern their practice in the country in which they are working.
  • Recognition of education programmes/courses by IDF does not imply any financial support by IDF nor can IDF be responsible or accountable.
  • If accepted for Recognition, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed with IDF regarding the use of the IDF Recognised Programme logo (in accordance with IDF guidelines) and the statement “This course has been recognised by the International Diabetes Federation” will be included on promotional and/or educational material for the course.


Programmes that are currently recognised by IDF: