The European Chronic Diseases Alliance - ECDA

Founded in 2009, the European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) unites 10 European public and professional health organisations active in heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, cancers, respiratory, obstructive pulmonary and liver diseases. All these stakeholders have joined forces to reverse the rise in chronic non-communicable diseases in Europe. ECDA is an influential coalition thanks to its weight:  chronic non-communicable diseases affect more than one-third of the population of Europe – over 100 million citizens - and account for 86% of deaths in the WHO European Region.

As its advocacy line, ECDA has chosen a message that can be supported by all its members: the need to address the four major lifestyle risk factors for all chronic diseases, namely tobacco, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and excessive consumption of alcohol.

The ECDA is regularly contacted and referred to by the European Commission as an essential source of information on chronic diseases. Further recognition came in October 2010, when ECDA won the prestigious 2010 European Health Award during the Gastein Health Forum, rewarding this public health initiative for their united prevention approach.

The ECDA allows IDF Europe to further spread its diabetes-related messages and to regularly engage with high-level stakeholders.

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Members of ECDA


Major Achievements


European Chronic Disease Alliance joins the Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance (NCD Alliance), and helds meetings with EU Commissioner of Health, John Dalli, and the Hungarian EU Presidency.


Council of the European Union meeting on Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs issues press release on Council Conclusions, including chronic diseases


European Chronic Disease Alliance Letter to all European UN Ambassadors urging support of 2011 UN Summit on NCDs


Report from EU Presidency Ministerial Conference on Innovative approaches for chronic illnesses in public health and healthcare systems


European Chronic Disease Alliance Awarded the 2010 European Health Award during the Gastein Health Forum


European Chronic Disease Alliance Policy Paper: A Unified Prevention Approach and press release