IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp

IDF Europe values the essential role youth plays in raising awareness on diabetes. Their first-hand experience of diabetes makes them powerful advocates not only to raise awareness on this condition, but also to urge stakeholders and the general public to take action on diabetes. In addition, their broad network built through social media gives them a wide reach which can support IDF Europe’s outreach.

As more and more children and young people live with diabetes, it is not only vital that the voice of youth be heard, but also that they play an active role in our mission promote diabetes care, and prevention a cure worldwide.

To strenghthen its relationship with young people with diabetes, IDF Europe organizes a yearly Youth Leadership Camp with the aim of nurturing a new generation of youth advocates in diabetes and create a strong pan-European network of young leaders in diabetes. 

The first IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp was held in July 2011, and has been held every year since.

2014 Youth Leadership Camp

Now in its fourth year, the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp is a real success. From 7 to 13 July, 24 youth advocates from 22 countries across Europe met in Croatia for a week of experience-sharing and peer-to-peer learning.

You can view this year's camp programme here.

During the camp, youth advocates learn about different types of advocacy, campaigning activities and strategic planning methods, and will also be introduced to the work of IDF Europe. Combining sports activities and interactive workshops, the camp is also an opportunity for the youth advocates to find out about the differences in diabetes care and daily-life realities across Europe, share their strategies on how to cope with diabetes and learn from their day-to-day triumphs and challenges.

An inevitable result of the camp is peer-to-peer learning. Back in their countries, camp participants are inspired and eager to get more involved in raising awareness of diabetes at national level with concrete projects, from creating their own youth group to developing campaigning activities.

Diabetes Youth Advocates Europe

One of the outcomes of the 2014 IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp has been the creation of the Diabetes Youth Advocates Europe (DYA Europe) community.

The project is led by youth participants to the 2014 camp, who were inspired by all the experiences they shared during the week spent together, and who were also willing to create a platform to continue exchanging information and carry out projects together once the camp was over. To learn more about DYA Europe, click here.

More on the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp

The youth camp is not a standalone event, but rather one that is integrated in IDF Europe’s wide-ranging activities – including those specifically aimed at youth. The purpose is to nurture a new generation of youth advocates and to galvanize their support and knowledge for different advocacy initiatives.

As the network of European youth advocates is expanding, IDF Europe will continue to support and facilitate exchange between the young advocates, member organizations and other stakeholders in order to develop new pan-European initiatives aimed at young people living with diabetes. 

Youth Leadership Camp videos

  • Watch the 2011 Youth Leadership Camp Video here!
  • Watch the 2012 Youth Leadership Camp Video here!

Diabetes Camps Resources

Want to organize your own camp for people with diabetes? Click here to access a few resources from us and our member associations that will assist you in organizing camps.