IDF Europe 2011 World Diabetes Day

Act on Diabetes. Now.

2011 was a turning point for diabetes. On 19 and 20 September of that year, the United Nations held a High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in New York. A milestone in the history of global health, the Summit was only the second time the UN General Assembly devoted exclusive attention to a health-related issue.

The most significant outcome was the unanimous adoption of the Political Declaration on the Prevention and control of NCDs by 193 Member States. That document firmly put diabetes and non-communicable diseases as top priorities on the global agenda. IDF and IDF Europe saw World Diabetes Day celebrations that year as the perfect platform to cement this decision from global decision-makers and to create more impetus for concrete action.

2011 also marked the 3rd year of the 5-year campaign focus on Diabetes Education and Prevention.


The slogan for the 2011 WDD campaign was: Act on Diabetes. Now.

IDF Europe campaign

IDF Europe celebrated World Diabetes Day at the heart of the EU institutions by organizing two events: one at the Council of Europe and the other at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

  • WDD at the Council of Europe: 10 November 2011

For the first time IDF Europe cellebrated World Diabetes Day in the Council of Europe.

We organized an exhibition, blood sugar testing as well as a debate on diabetes prevention to focus on the wider five-year education and prevention team as well as the recently adopted UN Political Declaration on NCDs.

IDF Europe was represented by Board Members, staff and one of the participants at the first IDF Europe Summer Youth Camp.

  • WDD at the European Parliament: 15 November 2011

The event in the European Parliament focused on Young Leaders in Diabetes, Diabetes Prevention and the launch of the 3rd edition of the Policy Puzzle.

The event was organized around an exhibition, the "Diabetes Pathways", and included a lunchtime debate meeting hosted by MEPs from the EU Diabetes Working Group.

IDF Europe was represented by Board Members, staff, youth advocates and consultants.

Campaign material

World Diabetes Day Logo: the Blue Circle

You can download the WDD logo here in several languages.

IDF Europe posters

IDF Europe created a new series of posters as part of its campaign for World Diabetes Day 2011. They are available for download here.