ExPAND: The European Policy Action Network on Diabetes

The European Policy Action Network on Diabetes - ExPAND - is a policy and advocacy programme led by IDF Europe.

Established in 2012, ExPAND gathers together a group of National Parliamentarians from across Europe. Their aim is to act as a strong pan-European forum to drive a new generation of national policies to address the diabetes epidemic.

While there are many partnerships between associations of people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, health ministers and other key stakeholders, the Policy Action Network on Diabetes is the first initiative of its kind in Europe. Its goal is to build a strong network of parliamentarians to act on diabetes at local, national and European levels.


The Policy Action Network on Diabetes is chaired by Adrian Sanders MP (UK).

Members of the European Policy Action Network on Diabetes include Teresa Caeiro MP (Portugal), Czeslaw Czechyra MP (Poland), Gagik Galstyan MP (Russia), Martin Gregora MP (Czech Republic) and Georgios Papanikoalou MEP (Greece).  There is also strong representation from diabetes associations from across the European region including Spain, Italy and Romania.

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If you are a Member of a Parliament or other national assembly and would like to join the European Policy Action Network on Diabetes, or have more information about its work, contact us at idfeurope@idf-europe.org 

The ExPAND Policy Toolkit

As part of its aim to encourage policy action on diabetes, the ExPAND network published a Policy Toolkit. The toolkit provides a one-stop resource covering the economic case for investment in diabetes, evidence of what works, and best practice from across Europe and practical steps for leading and developing new diabetes policies fit for purpose. Key topics include prevention, self-management, innovation and person-centred care.  There are also dedicated chapters to care and treatment of children and older people with diabetes.

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The ExPAND Toolkit is also available in:


IDF Europe would like to thank Janssen Pharmaceutica, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Sanofi and particularly AstraZeneca for their support for the ExPAND network.