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World Water Day - 22 March 2017

Brussels 22 March 2017

Adopting our strategy to prevent type 2 diabetes in Portugal

New article in BMC Health on 'Sustained Diabetes Risks Reduction' in Poland

IDF Europe is happy to share with you the latest results from a project on reducing the long-term risks of Type 2 diabetes in Poland, to read more please visit

World Kidney Day 2017 - 9 March 2017

Adherence, persistence and patient activation: three pillars against diabetes complications

Brussels 9 March 2017: The burden of diabetes-related complications, including chronic kidney disease, could be avoided through diabetes prevention, better diabetes follow-up, early diagnosis and timely treatment of the complications, stronger patient empowerment and adherence to therapy

International Women’s Day 2017

“Women and diabetes:  our right to a healthy future”

On International Women’s Day, 8 March, we spoke to Vida Augustiniene, IDF Europe Board Member from Lithuania, about the role of women in diabetes management and how to fight the growing prevalence of Gestational Diabetes.

Today we are celebrating women are the world. Why this day is important for you and the diabetes community?

Celebrating women is like living with diabetes: it should be a daily commitment from all! Unfortunately this is not yet the case, so we need to be perseverant.

''I Make a Wish'' Campaign

IDF Europe is glad to share with you a “I make a wish”: the campaign of the two main French patient associations to fight against discrimination.

Read more here

1 March 2017 - Zero Discrimination Day

Brussels 01 March 2017

Stand up for our rights!

On Zero Discrimination Day, we spoke with Kyle Jacques Rose, member of the Board of the International Diabetes Federation, European Region

Kyle, you are a strong advocate for the rights of people with diabetes - what does this day represent for you?

IDF Europe releases position paper on mobile apps

IDF Europe is a strong supporter of innovation in healthcare. Witnessing the emergence of mobile applications (Apps) in the field of diabetes in recent years, and given the general uptake of a connected lifestyle, IDF Europe reflected on  ‘Mobile Applications in Diabetes’ in a position paper.

The full paper is available for download HERE.


We can /I can act to reduce the global burden of two major non communicable diseases: diabetes and cancer

Brussels 4 February 2017: Diabetes and cancer, two major causes of death and disability in Europe have much in common, including the fact that they are highly preventable. It is time to act individually and collectively!

Diabetes and cancer: a deadly relation

Interviews with IDF Europe Prizes Winners and HALL OF FAME

In 2016,  three Awards have been assigned: one for a Young Researcher, (sponsored by AstraZeneca) one for an association, in recognition of its 

International Migrants Day 2016: Efforts must be made to support the health of the most vulnerable in Europe

Efforts must be made to support the health of the most vulnerable in Europe

Brussels 18 December 2016.

Millions of people are moving within and into Europe every year. They are often vulnerable and their health is not sufficiently protected. Efforts must be made to support them.