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Healthy youth are key to achieve sustainable development

At the International Diabetes Federation European Region (IDF Europe), youth living with diabetes are at the core of our activities and strategy. We are convinced that young people must play a leading role to ensure better care and a better life for people with diabetes of all ages in Europe. For example, in July 2016, 23 young people with diabetes from as many European countries took part in the annual IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp in Agros, Cyprus[1].

"Diabetes: so what?" remembering Wim Wientjens (1937-2016)

It is with great sadness that we have learned that IDF Europe former President (2003 – 2006) Dr Wim Wientjens passed away on 28 July. On behalf of the whole European diabetes community, we would like to express our deepest condolences to his family and to the staff and volunteers of the Diabetesvereniging Nederland in which he was actively involved from 1993 to 2005.

DiaEuro 2016

DiaEuro, the International Futsal Championship for players with diabetes took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina between 24-31st July. After 7 days of intense competitions between 300 players from 16 participating countries, the Champion is born! The hosting country of the tournament Bosnia and Herzegovina became the winner of DiaEuro 2016 in the final against Hungary. 3rd and 4th place were taken by Russia and Ukraine. 

Looking back on the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp 2016

A very successful 6th edition of IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp took place between 11-17 July in Agros, Cyprus, hosted by the Cyprus Diabetic Association. We welcomed 23 young advocates from as many European countries to share their personal and country-specific experiences in diabetes management, care, and advocacy.  

EUROCONDOR Project update

IDF Europe attended the final EUROCONDOR General Assembly in Manchester (UK) to take stock of the work done in the past four years in the area of Diabetic Retinopathy. The project looked at an innovative therapeutic strategy using eye drops for the early stages of diabetic retinopathy . The initial results were presented and discussed along with the preliminary conclusions. Full analysis and interpretation is expected to take place over the summer, after which the final outcomes will be communicated.

IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes 2016

Since 2012, IDF Europe awards two IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes yearly to reward excellence, innovation, and commitment in diabetes. In 2016, again two Awards will be assigned: one for a Young Researcher, and one for an association, in recognition of its Long-Standing Achievement.

IDF Europe Newsletter - July 2016

We are pleased to share this year's second Newsletter, which you can download here.
In this issue: news from our Members regarding World Health Day activities, Youth Leadership Camp, EU Affairs and more.
We ‎hope you will find it both informative and inspiring - the work IDF Members are doing in the European region is remarkable!

IDF Europe Symposium at EASD 2016

New Technologies and Therapies in Diabetes

improving Patient Quality of Life

This Symposium addresses new patient-centred technologies and new therapies for the treatment of diabetes.

The sessions are chaired by the patient representatives on the Board of IDF Europe and bring new focus to treatment.

There will be ample time for fruitful discussions around the main themes of the Symposium:

Food policy update – The Council of European Ministries of Health adopts Conclusions on Food Product Improvement

On the 17th June, 2016, the Council of European Ministries of Health led by the Dutch Presidency holders adopted a set of recommendations aimed at making healthy food choices more available to everyone in Europe. The Conclusions take the positive step of recognising the burden of overweight and obesity among children which is a serious cause for concern, and the role of nutrition, alongside other lifestyle related matters.

IDF Europe celebrates fathers around Europe

IDF Europe celebrates fathers around Europe

In 2016, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of an injection of “an aqueous pancreatic extract” into a diabetic dog by Dr. Nicolae Paulescu, and the 95th anniversary of the initial experiments for the discovery of insulin by Dr. Frederick Banting and Dr. Charles Best, the fathers of insulin. Through education, daily commitment and perseverance they made, together with their team at the University of Toronto, a tremendous difference in the lives of millions of people with diabetes.