Regional Chair

Prof. Dr. Sehnaz Karadeniz, IDF Europe Regional Chair

Prof. Dr. Sehnaz Karadeniz (Turkey) is Regional Chair of the International Diabetes Federation European Region (IDF Europe).

An ophtalmologist, Sehnaz has been actively involved in the field of diabetes for the past 20 years in a series of medical, scientific and social projects at both national and international levels.

Sehnaz is a Founding Member of TURKDIAB, the Turkish Diabetes Foundation, which became a member association of IDF in 1997. Since then she has been actively involved in the social and scientific activities of the Foundation. She served as the Board Member of the Law Office for patients’ rights, served as the  Consultant Ophtalmologist of the Diabetes Centers since 1999 and is Coordinator for International Relations for the Foundation since 2003. Since 2004, she also coordinates the DIABLIVA project of the Turkish Diabetes Foundation, an initiative that provides support for Turkish immigrants with diabetes.

On the patients’ front, Sehnaz served as President for the Living with Diabetes Association, a nationwide patients’ organization in Turkey. She is currently still sitting in the board of the organization.

Sehnaz Karadeniz joined the board of IDF Europe in 2007, where she has worked on Political Affairs – mainly related to the World Health Organization European Region and the Council of Europe. Her portfolio also includes coalitions such as the ECDA – the European Chronic Disease Alliance.

She is also Board Member and Coordinator for International Relations for Diabetes 2020: Vision and Targets for Turkey, a nationwide project supported by IDF Europe and WHO European Region and she sits on the Board of the nationwide Let’s Stop Diabetes! project carried out under the auspices of the Turkish Presidency.

Sehnaz graduated in ophtalmology from the University of Istanbul and is Professor of Ophtalmology at the Istanbul Bilim University.