IDF Europe publications

In this section you will find all IDF Europe publications available for download online.

Access to diabetes treatment in Europe

The IDF Europe study on Access to Quality Medicines and Medical Devices for Diabetes Care in Europe highlights disparities in access to medicines and devices for diabetes care in the 47 countries of the IDF Europe Region.
The first of its kind in the field of diabetes, this study aims to provide evidence to policy makers and stakeholders on the current challenges faced by people living with diabetes in terms of access to the treatment they need. Click here to access the report.

Diabetes : The Policy Puzzle

Diabetes: The Policy Puzzle is the only pan-European audit which documents the evolution of the diabetes epidemic and the disparate national policies and practices that currently exist across the European region. The report is compiled by IDF Europe and other European diabetes stakeholder organizations. The 3 editions of the report are available here.

Advocacy and Communications Toolkit

To mark the first anniversary of the UN High-Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD's), held 19-20 September 2011, and the unanimous adoption of the Political Declaration on NCDs by 193 Member States - a milestone in global health history - IDF Europe has developed an Advocacy and Communications Toolkit to support diabetes stakeholders in their advocacy work.
Click here for more information and to download the toolkit.

Country Reports

IDF Europe's Country Reports detail the situation of diabetes policy and national diabetes organizations in several countries of focus. You can access the whole list of reports here.

Position Papers and Lines To Take

IDF Europe has developped a series of Position Papers and 'Lines To Take'. These are short documents that focus on a certain policy issue and include: key facts and figures, latest policy developments, future policy developments, recommendations and links and references to find out more information on the issue. You can find all Lines To Take and Position Papers developped by IDF Europe here.

IDF Europe Surveys & Toolkits

IDF Europe publishes a series surveys and toolkits -on its own or with partner organizations- on different issues directly related to diabetes (driving license, diabetes screening, etc.). You can access them here

IDF Europe Newsletters

The IDF Europe Newsletter is a quarterly round-up of all the activities organized by national diabetes associations throughout Europe. It also higlights the latest developments in diabetes at pan-European level. 

Note that all newsletters published from September 2012 onwards are available on the IDF Europe Newsroom, Newsletter section.

IDF Europe News Updates

Launched in January 2012, the News Updates are brief monthly reports about policy and advocacy developments in diabetes and related fields across Europe. To access all of IDF Europe's News Updates, click here.

Note that all newsletters published from March 2013 onwards are available on the IDF Europe Newsroom, News Update section.

IDF Europe Campaign Material

IDF Europe has developped a series of posters for campaigning on diabetes. You can access them here.