IDF Middle East and North Africa Region





The elected IDF Representatives for the MENA Region are:

Chair 2013-2015: Adel El-Sayed, Egypt

Chair Elect: Nizar Al Bache, Syria
Regional Manager: Abdulla Al-Hamaq, Qatar

The IDF Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region currently represents 20 diabetes organisations in 20 countries. It covers a wide area in North Africa and West-Asia, extending from Pakistan in the east to Morocco in the west. The majority of countries in this vast and geographically important area fall under the umbrella of IDF. 

IDF Middle East and North Africa Action Plan

Following the meeting of the Middle East and North African Region on April 18 2009, the regional action plan is a response to the explosion of type 2 diabetes and focuses on practical steps to support the development of national diabetes programmes

For more information about the IDF Middle East and North Africa Region, please contact:

Dr Abdulla Omar Al Hamaq

IDF MENA Regional Manager
Qatar Diabetes Association
PO Box 752
Al Mumtaza
974 Doha
Tel +974–4454 7300/4437 6742
Mobile:  +974-55508992
Fax  +974-44547344