Resources and Tools

International Diabetes Federation produces advocacy tools and resources to empower diabetes advocates. Use our resources to put the compelling diabetes case to policy-makers and convince them to take action.

Global Diabetes Scorecard

The Global Diabetes Scorecard - published by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) - contains the views of 125 IDF Member Associations from 104 countries on how far their national governments have progressed in responding to the diabetes challenge by December 2013 and sets the baseline for future monitoring.

View the scores now to see how the participating countries have performed.

International Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of People with Diabetes

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has developed the first ever Charter setting out the fundamental rights of the 415 million people currently living with diabetes.

The landmark document places the rights of people with diabetes, their parents and carers into three focus areas; the rights to care; information and education and social justice, whilst at the same time acknowledging the responsibilities held by people with diabetes.

The Charter is a powerful campaigning tool to counteract the discrimination and stigma millions of people with diabetes still face, largely due to ignorance and misconceptions surrounding the disease. 

Download the Charter in English, Arabic, Español, Français, Italiano, Mandarin and Русский


Advocacy Guide to the Political Declaration

To ensure commitments made in the Political Declaration of the Summit become health realities, IDF produced a unique Advocacy Guide to the Political Declaration. This provides guidance on how to use the political declaration at national and regional levels to turn commitments into action on the ground.

Download the Advocacy Guide in Arabic, English, FrenchSpanish and Russian

Download the Political Declaration Summary Table in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Policy Briefing: Diabetes - A Global Health and Development ChallengePolicy Briefs

This series explores important and emerging diabetes issues, integrates diabetes with existing development priorities, and identifies future implications for policy development.  Use these briefs to help build and inform relationships with governments, UN agencies and other health and development communities.

Download Diabetes in Pregnancy in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Russian

Download Early Origins of Diabetes in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Russian

Download Diabetes: A Global Health and Development Challenge in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Russian

Diabetes and Climate Change

Diabetes and climate change are two urgent challenges in the 21st century. IDF has produced a pioneering policy report that establishes both the interconnections between these global risks and the opportunity to combat them together. Launched at Rio+20, the Diabetes and Climate Change Report puts diabetes, NCDs and health at the heart of sustainable development.

Download the Diabetes and Climate Change report in English

 Diabetes Roadmap to the UN Summit

The Roadmap was IDF’s dedicated response plan to the Summit, which outlined our key objectives, deliverables and strategy for the Summit.

Download the Roadmap in English, Spanish and French


Diabetes Roadmap to the Future Development Agenda

Following in the footsteps of the landmark IDF Diabetes Roadmap Programme that was dedicated to securing strong diabetes outcomes from the UN Summit on NCDs, IDF has designed a successor programme for the period 2012-2015. The Roadmap will therefore build on the IDF UN Summit campaign and maximise the opportunity to integrate diabetes and NCDs into the future development agenda.

Download the Roadmap in English

A Call to Action on DiabetesCall to Action on Diabetes

The first milestone in the Diabetes Roadmap to the UN Summit programme and efforts towards the UN Summit, the Call to Action establishes headline messages on the urgent need to invest in diabetes.

Download the Call to Action in English, French and Spanish


Advocacy ToolkitCalling the World to Action on Diabetes: An Advocacy Toolkit

IDF’s advocacy toolkit for the Summit aimed to empower our member associations to engage in the advocacy process around the Summit. It remains valuable today with strategies for effective diabetes advocacy, campaigning and continuing political momentum.

Download the Toolkit in English, Spanish and French


Resources from the UN High Level Summit on NCDs: