Shaping the Future Development Framework

Diabetes and NCDs are absent from the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and this has been an obstacle to establishing political priority and resources needed for diabetes and NCDs.

The Political Declaration was a major step towards integrating diabetes and NCDs into the future global development agenda.

IDF and the NCD Alliance are advocating to build on the Declaration and to ensure diabetes and NCDs are integrated into the development framework that will replace the MDGs in 2015. While 2015 may seem a long time away, the global dialogue and the processes to shape the post-2015 development framework have already begun.

What is IDF doing?

  • The official United Nations consultation process on post-2015 is now underway. This includes the UN High-Level Panel on Post-2015 and  UN global and national consultations from 2012-2013 which are being held on a range of different development issues and in over 100 countries. Of immediate importance for IDF is the Global Thematic Health Consultation in Botswana from 5-6 March 2013, which is co-organised by WHO and UNICEF and includes diabetes and NCDs. Find out more on the UN World We Want website and read IDF's responses to these consultations here.
  • In May 2012, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the post-2015 framework to contribute to the UN process. This was an opportunity to review the progress of the MDGs and ensure the future development framework includes NCDs. The NCD Alliance submitted a response to the consultation which you can download here
  • The UN Task Team delivered their report, Realizing the Future We Want for All, to the UN Secretary General in July 2012. The Report acknowledges that the MDGs did not adequately address a number of development issues, including diabetes and NCDs. We were pleased to see the influence of our Think Piece in the Report, which identifies addressing diabetes and NCDs as a priority for future social development
  • A key meeting in the build up to post-2015 was the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in June 2012. After advocacy from the health community, including IDF and the NCD Alliance, high priority was secured for health at Rio+20 and NCDs were recognised as a major challenge for sustainable development in the 21st Century. You can discover more about the NCD Alliance campaign on Rio+20 here. IDF has also produced a report on Diabetes and Climate Change, which can be found here
  • At the start of 2012, IDF and the NCD Alliance began a campaign to influence the UN process to define the post-2015 goals. In January, we submitted a think piece on NCDs and post-2015 to the UN Task Team who are leading this process. We saw a major breakthrough in March 2012 when UNDP announced in March that NCDs will be part of the global thematic consultation on health, along with HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and maternal health.

Find a full outline of dates and processes for the post-2015 development agenda here.