Serge Langlois

Serge Langlois from Montreal, Canada is Chair of the International Diabetes Federation North America and Caribbean Region and a member of the IDF Board 2013-2015. He also chairs the Audit and Risk Committee and is an active member of the Governance and Finance Committees. In Canada, he has been President and CEO of Diabetes Quebec for 18 years.

Over the years, Serge has been active with the International Diabetes Federation in many ways, notably with the United Nations Resolution events in 2008 and the Global Changing Diabetes Leadership Forum in 2007, the Declaration of the Americas Committee (DOTA), the DAWN Project in London UK, as an author for Diabetes Voice, as a speaker at the World Diabetes Congress Paris 2003 and Montreal 2009, and a member of the Organizing Committee for the World Diabetes Congress Montreal 2009.

In Canada, he was a founder member of the Diabetes Council of Canada, the Diabetes Partners Forum of Canada, the Steering Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Strategy, the Canadian Diabetes Policy Expert Panel, and the Diabetes Surveillance System of both Quebec and Canada. Strong from his expertise in patient advocacy, he is a dedicated leader and campaigner for prevention, education and better treatment. He is a relentless advocate for the public right of access to medication and the right treatment for everyone. He was a key-note speaker at the International Conference on Medication, the Health Action Network of Canada, the Canadian Patient Advocacy Summit, and the Quebec Diabetes Forum to name a few. He also acted as President of Healthpartners-Quebec from 2003 to 2008.

Serge Langlois completed postgraduate studies in Administration at HEC Montreal (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales).