Supporting research really works – my life after islet transplant therapy

In his own words, Jason Turner learned the hard way that he was not indestructible. Born in edmonton, he lived a fairly typical Canadian middle-class life – a father working outside the home and a mother working inside, a brother and a sister. As happens in so many families, his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at 11 years of age sent shockwaves through that carefree existence that would continue throughout his life. And as happens to so many people with diabetes, the complexities of managing his condition through adolescence and into adulthood for long periods got the better of him. Complications developed early and Jason fell into a very highrisk group. he then found himself in a position to undergo not one but two islet transplantations that have once more transformed his existence – this time with very different results. In this frank and brave account, he tells his fascinating story.