Taking the benefits of DAFNE to the UK and beyond

Two English diabetologists were among an international audience while Michael Berger told it to throw away the diet from the therapeutic approach
to type 1 diabetes. That caught their attention. Berger was describing was a treatment programme that improved diabetes control in real terms. In contrast to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT ), then still running, this was a programme that delivered lower average blood glucose concentrations and HbA1c and reduced the risk of severe hypoglycaemia. The DCCT seemed to show that this was not possible: the lower the HbA1c, the lower the risk of vascular complications but with a much higher risk of hypoglycaemia. Just over a year later, teams from King’s College Hospital London, Sheffield University and North Tyneside Hospital, all in the UK, visited Dusseldorf, Germany, to find out what Professor Berger’s team was doing.