Talks resume at UN, NCDA Open Letter gathers many signatories

As negotiations on the Political Declaration for the UN Summit on Prevention and Control of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) resume in New York today, an open letter has been drafted by the NCD Alliance to urge leaders to face up to the challenge of NCDs with strong commitments and measurable targets. Leading academic, political and scientific figures have flocked to sign the letter, reproduced below:

NCD Alliance Open Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

In three weeks Heads of Government and State will meet at the UN for just the second time in
history to confront a global health challenge: the inexorable rise of Non-communicable Diseases
(NCDs). It is an opportunity to rewrite the political manifesto for health to include one of the most
neglected - and yet most important - categories of death and disability.

Every country is battling with the increasing burden of cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic
respiratory disease and diabetes. NCDs are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. They
entrench poverty and inequalities, and burden already vulnerable health systems.

The failure to respond to this crisis is a political, rather than technical issue. We have the evidence
and cost-effective solutions to prevent and treat NCDs. Political commitments and goals are now
needed to inspire leadership and create a shared vision for all partners to unite around.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed an overall goal to reduce preventable deaths
from NCDs by 25% between 2010 and 2025. If Member States commit to a strong Political
Declaration at the UN High-Level Summit on 19-20th September, this goal is achievable. It will take
increased domestic and international funding; interventions to reduce tobacco use and dietary salt,
sugar, saturated fats and trans-fats; improved access to essential medicines and technologies; and a
multi-sectoral partnership initiative to coordinate follow up action.

The clock is ticking. We urge world leaders to attend the UN Summit and agree a global plan of
action on NCDs.


Sir George Alleyne PAHO

Dr Peter Piot LSHTM, UK, Director

Dr Richard Horton The Lancet, editor in chief

Prof. Martin McKee LSHTM, UK

Prof. Jean-Claude Mbanya IDF, President

Dr Eduardo Cazap UICC, President

Prof. Sidney C Smith WHF, President

Dr SB Squire The Union, President

Mike Gapes MP, UK Parliament

Mark Durkan MP, UK Parliament

Keith Vaz MP, UK Parliament

George Howarth MP, UK Parliament

Fiona Hall MEP, Leader of the UK Liberal Democrats in the EP

Sir George Alberti University of Newcastle, UK

João Manuel Valente Nabais President Elect IDF Europe

Dr Neil Munro Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, UK

Prof. Lawrence Leiter St Michael's Health Centre, Canada

Anne-Marie Felton, FEND President, IDF Vice-President 

Deirdre Kyne Grzebalski, FEND Chairman

Prof Tadej Battelino University of Ljubljana

Prof Peter Schwarz University of Dresden

Prof. Philippe Halban University of Geneva, Alliance for European Diabetes Research

Prof. Stephan Matthaei President, German Diabetes Association

Prof. Oliver Schnell University of Munich

Dr Johan Wens UA, Belgium

Prof. Kari Harno Adjunct Professor, Kolumbus, Finland

Prof. Pierre Lefebvre IDF

Prof. Philip Home Professor Diabetes Medicine, Newcastle University

Prof. Thomas Kubiak University of Mainz

Prof. Gisela Drews University of Tuebingen

Dr Michael Huptas Member of German Diabetes Association

Dr Joachim Downar Member of German Diabetes Association

Dr Frank Best Member of German Diabetes Association

Dr Andreas Klinge Member of German Diabetes Association

Dr Astrid Tombek Member of German Diabetes Association

Debbie Jones Bermuda Hospitals/ Vice-President IDF

Dr Peter Weyrich Member of German Diabetes Association

Dr Andrea Näke University of Dresden, Germany

Dr Ilana Harman-Boehm Soroka University Medical Center, Israel

Anne Belton IDF, Vice-President

Sarah Ludford MEP/ European Coalition for Diabetes

Dr Linda M. Siminerio University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute, Director

Prof. Roy Taylor Newcastle University

Chris Delicata IDF Europe

Dr Pablo Aschner Colombian Diabetes Association, Scientific Sub-Director

Prof. Paul Valensi Jean Verdier Hospital, Paris, France

Kristin De Backer FEND, Membership Secretary & Conference Registrar

Michaela Berger Diabetes DE, Board Member

Dr Gillian Hood NHS, UK

Dr Ralf Lobmann Klinikum, Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Hans-Peter Hammes University of Heidelberg, Germany

Marianne Lundberg Lund University, Sweden - Diabetes Nurse

Prof. Bert Vrijhoef Maastricht University, Netherlands

Natalya Tukalevskaya, Diabetes Association of Kazakhstan, President

Natalia Piana Healthy Lifestyle Institute, University of Perugia, Italy

Prof. Temel Yilmaz, Turkish Diabetes Foundation

Prof. Paul Zimmet Baker IDI, Australia

Andrzej Bauman President, Polish Diabetes Association

Dr Unn-Britt Johansson Sophiahemmet Högskola, Sweden

Lurline Less IDF, Chair of NAC Region

Dr Silver K Bahendeka IDF, Chair of Africa Region

Niti Pall Pathfinder Healthcare Developments, member of Diabetes UK

Luís Gardete-Correia Diabetes Assoc. Portugal (President)

Chantal Montreuil Policlinique Médicale Universitaire, Lausanne (CH)

José-Manuel Boavida Diabetes Assoc. Portugal

Marek Balicki MP, Poland

Prof. Aldo Maldonato Rome "La Sapienza" University

Selda Gedik FEND/Diabetes Nursing Association Turkey

Goustova Elvira Russian Diabetes Federation

Michael Nauck Diabetes Centre, Bad Lautenberg, Germany

Vida Augustiniene President of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

Hon. Judi Moylan Parliament of Australia

Sir Michael Hirst IDF, President Elect

Jacqueline Herbst FEND, Executive Member

Svetlana Mamutova, Diabetes Association Kyrgyzstan

Liudmyla Petrenko, Diabetes Association Ukraine (President)

Natalia Vlasenko Kyiv, Charity "Diabetic", Chairman

V. G. Serdiuk, Council of Protecting the Patients, Ukraine

Françoise Pivcevic, APHP, France

Soteris Yiangou, Cyprus Diabetic Association

Prof. Innes Asher University of Auckland - Australia, Chair of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood

Dr Adrian Stoev Bulgarian Assoc. of Patients with Diabetes, President

Prof. Angus Forbes King's College London (Dep. Of Primary and Intermediate Care)/ FEND Chair in Clinical Diabetes Nursing

Dr Rob Moodie Nossal Institute, Chair of Global Health

Srinath Reddy Public Health Foundation India, President

Dr Sanchia Aranda University of Melbourne, Professorial Fellow

Dr Mary Gospodarowicz Princess Margaret Hospital, Medical Director

Dr Xi-Shan Hao Executive President, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association

Dr David Hill Cancer Council Victoria

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kleeberg Haemetologisch-Onkologische Praxis Altona

Dr Felicia Knaul President, Harvard Global Equity Initiative

Dr Arun Kurkure President, Indian Cancer Society

Prof. M. Kutluk Turkish Association for Cancer Research & Control

Fred Mickelson Corral Creek Consultants, Inc. - Newberg

Dr Twalib Ngoma CEO, Ocean Road Cancer Institute

Dr Luiz Santini R. Da Silva INCA Instituto Nacional de Cancer

Dr Kazuo Tajima Director, Aichi Cancer Center

Douglas E. Ulman President, Lance Armstrong Foundation

Dr Harri Vertio CEO, Cancer Society of Finland

Miri Ziv Director General, Israel Cancer Association

Dr Khadel Jamal Director, Radiation Oncology Residency Program, King Hussein Cancer Center

Cary Adams, UICC, CEO

Dr Julie Sarah Torode, UICC, Deputy CEO

Manny Hernandez, Diabetes Hands Foundation, President/ Co-Founder

Scott K. Johnson, Blogger/Diabetes activist

Dr Druba Singh, SEAR, Chair

Mrs Riva Greenberg, Speaker, Patient Expert Health Coach

Mr Hans Stam, European Heart Network (EHN), President

Tony Duncan, Heart Foundation, New Zealand, Chief Executive

Dr Kinsley Kola Akinroye, African Heart Network, President / Nigerian Heart

Mr. Ivo Vajgl, MEP

Adrian Sanders , MP UK Parliament, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group

Ann Keeling, IDF CEO

Dr Nils Billo, The Union, CEO

Johanna Ralston, WHF CEO