Prevention and screening


Кейптаун 2006: событие мирового масштаба. В фокусе внимания — Африка и страны третьего мира

Созывая мировое диабетическое сообщество на Международные Диабетические Конгрессы, IDF тем самым сводит воедино ключевые

Lifestyle and nutritional management

An overview of non-medical prescribing: past, present and future

Old age, poverty and the chronic disease epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean

Prevention of diabetes and its complications: key goals in Finland

Diabetes management in a primary care setting: the Kenyatta National Hospital

Glucose control: measures, levels and monitoring

A diabetes strategy for Africa: investing in health, protecting our people

Toward a better future in Morocco

The Kahnawake Schools Project: diabetes prevention in the Mohawk community