IDF position statements: a call for action

The IDF Executive Office in Brussels is the focus of numerous requests for information about diabetes issues. These come from a range of sources, including the governments, industry, the media, Member Associations, and people with diabetes. The IDF staff and Officers are regularly asked to explain the position of the Federation with regards to subjects such as tobacco smoking or obesity. Information produced or gathered by IDF is processed into press copy or reproduced to support diabetes campaigns.

Sisters Together: move more, eat better, prevent diabetes

Populations around the world are getting fatter. People of all ages are showing signs of diabetes and other conditions which are associated with being fat. It has been found that people of African, Asian and Hispanic origins are at particularly increased risk from obesity and obesity-related conditions such as diabetes. Due to a variety of cultural and socio-economic factors, women from these populations seem to be at especially high risk from the dangers of overweight.

Raising awareness

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The logic and ethics of partnership

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