People with diabetes


IDF Advocacy: new energy for the Young Leaders in Diabetes (YLD) Program

Dario Rahelic, Secretary of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) European Region Board was invited by the IDF Board to become Chair of the IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes (YLD) Program in February 2016 and it is easy to see why he is ideal for the volunteer position.

New IDF network represents the global voice of diabetes

Blue Circle Voices (BCV) is a new IDF initiative, which will represent the interests of people living with, or affected by, diabetes, through a worldwide network of members and other stakeholders. BCV will act as the global voice of people living with diabetes and will draw upon the experiences of people living with diabetes from countries represented by IDF Members.

The Insulin Express, a memoir by Oren Liebermann

Oren Liebermann, a CNN correspondent based in Jerusalem, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in February, 2014. Type 1 diabetes interrupted a year-long travel adventure and Oren’s diagnosis was revealed just after he tackled the Annapurna Base Camp trek in Nepal.

Type 1 diabetes paediatric care challenge in Bolivia

Children and young people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in Bolivia, a country situated in the heart of South America, have limited access to care, insulin, and supplies including glucometers, test strips, and syringes for injecting insulin.

Diabetes Distress:a real and normal part of diabetes

Living successfully with type 1 or type 2 diabetes requires the very large task of managing a serious chronic condition.  The tasks associated with diabetes can be complex and demanding and most people in their life journey with diabetes report great frustration with the burden of the disease.

#WeAreNotWaiting: type 1 diabetes community leads innovation for optimal freedom

Type 1 diabetes is a relentless 24-7 condition to manage. With access to better technology and high volumes of data many people with diabetes are becoming data rich. However, access to device data and analyses are restricted by the diabetes device providers and the wider healthcare industry.

Voices of diabetes: where I find the best information about living with diabetes

A good part of living with diabetes well is getting connected to sources of information that are reliable and relevant. For most people who develop type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, that first source of information comes from the diabetes specialist or healthcare provider at diagnosis.

How does the cost of diabetes affect me and my family?

People with diabetes incur medical costs that can range anywhere from 2 to 5 times greater than people living without diabetes. The extent to which they have to bear these costs or a proportion of them themselves will depend upon the health system where they live and receive care.

Refugee report: Living with diabetes in war

Diabetes can be difficult in normal situations, but it becomes a real challenge during war. War deeply affects the lives of people with diabetes.

For all types of diabetes, one common goal: healthy eating

In the following headlines, diabetes is mentioned, but what type is being discussed exactly? Given that there are different types of diabetes, how does the general public understand the difference when no distinction is made?