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Food security top issue for Diabetes in Indigenous Peoples Stream

The Diabetes in Indigenous Peoples Stream for the International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Congress Vancouver 2015 is proud to present a programme where we will explore how the high prevalence of diabetes in indigenous populations is fueled by underlying social, economic and historic factors, including extreme poverty, barriers to education and health care, and the degradation of fragile eco

World Diabetes Congress 2015: Public Health & Epidemiology Stream

The continuing global epidemic of diabetes exacts huge costs both in terms of human suffering and economics, and the importance of understanding the origins of the epidemic and the development of methods to abate it has never been higher.

Tackling childhood obesity: a novel school-based programme in India

Childhood obesity, which predisposes to type 2 diabetes and several other diseases, is an emerging health problem in India.

Defining roles and improving outcomes in person-centred care

The Education and Integrated Care Stream scheduled for the International Diabetes Federation's (IDF) World Diabetes Congress Vancouver 2015 will consist of a group of sessions in different formats and will attempt to answer the question “How can people with diabetes effectively manage their own care and what is the role of healthcare professionals?”

WDC 2015: Evaluar progresos y resultados en todo el mundo

La vertiente sobre “Desafíos sanitarios mundiales” del próximo Congreso Mundial de Diabetes de la FID , que se celebrará en Vancouver, trata sobre diversos temas de importancia global, vinculando el riesgo y los resultados de la diabetes a los factores demográficos, políticos, nutricionales, reproductivos, las comorbilidades, la tecnología y el comercio.

WDC 2015: Assessing global progress and results

The Global Health Challenges Stream at the upcoming IDF World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver addresses many issues of global importance, linking diabetes risk and outcomes with demographics, politics, nutrition, reproduction, co-morbidities, technology and trade. Many of the topics will touch on the solutions for translating scientifically proven concepts into population benefits.

WDC 2015: Triumphing over complexity and flourishing with diabetes


Schools take the lead in the fight against diabetes

Approximately 79,000 children are diagnosed with diabetes each year around the world.1 Schools play an important role in protecting the rights of children and teenagers with diabetes. However, the lack of knowledge within schools about diabetes can lead to isolation, stigma and discrimination.2-5

Congreso Mundial de la FID 2015

En 2015, la Federación Internacional de Diabetes (FID), en colaboración con la Asociación Canadiense de Diabetes, llevará el Congreso Mundial de Diabetes a Vancouver (Canadá). Desde el 29 de noviembre hasta el 4 de diciembre, la comunidad diabética mundial se reunirá para experimentar un programa de primer orden.

IDF World Diabetes Congress 2015

In 2015 the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association, is bringing the World Diabetes Congress to Vancouver, Canada. From November 29th to December 4th the global diabetes community will convene to experience a world-class programme.