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Based on an interview with Sysy Morales, Creator of The Girls' Guide to Diabetes

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Fundación Diabetes Juvenil de Chile
Based on interview with Cesar Velasco, President, Fundación Diabetes Juvenil de Chile

About the Association and President
Cesar Velasco is President and co-creator of the Fundación Diabetes Juvenil de Chile

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IDF: Creating a ripple effect for diabetes advocacy

Diabetes Conversations

Promoting Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is a priority within education at the International Diabetes Federation. Diabetes Conversations is a programme dedicated to:


Education is an integral component of the diabetes management and care. All health professionals need access to proven, effective, professional education about diabetes.

Resources produced by the Diabetes Education Consultative Section (DECS) for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) are designed to improve the profile of education and the expertise of diabetes educators and other health professionals.

These resources are available for download free of charge or can be ordered through the IDF shop. Currently, these resources consist of the following:


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Diabetes Education Modules 2011 - download

Terms of Use


IDF’s Diabetes Education Modules are intended to be used by health professionals wishing to develop a high quality education programme.  They have been developed to support the education and training of health care professionals with the latest evidence-based material.  They are not intended for commercial use.

The Modules – and the comprehensive suite of tools they provide - are the intellectual property of IDF. They can be used under the following copyright terms: