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IDF Europe 2010 World Diabetes Day

Let’s take control of diabetes now!

In November 2010, IDF Europe, along with its partners of the European Coalition for Diabetes celebrated World Diabetes Day at the heart of EU institutions in the European Parliament in Brussels.

IDF Europe - Diabetes data and fact sheets

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Please see below information about diabetes and the estimate figures regarding diabetes in Europe. The source of the data is the IDF Diabetes Atlas, Fourth Edition, 2009.

IDF Europe Board Members Portfolios


When elected to the IDF Europe Board, each Board Member receives a portfolio. Portfolios are attributed to the individual’s experience and professional background.

IDF Europe - Junior Cup

Country Reports

IDF Europe respresents 70 national diabetes associations across 47 countries in Europe. Developing common positions and supporting certain policy changes in diabetes at European level require a thorough knowledge and understanding of the specificity of all our members.

IDF Europe - Nominating Committee

Presidents of the IDF Europe Board

IDF Europe - Liaise with other stakeholders in Europe



IDF Europe works closely with all the organizations concerned about diabetes and non communicable diseases in Europe:

IDF/Rotary Caribbean Diabetic Foot Care Programme

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice