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The Diabetes Education Modules (2011) contain more than 800 slides and detailed speaker notes to reflect the objectives contained in the International Curriculum for Health Professionals Education. Health professionals anywhere in the world can adopt this resource to develop diabetes education programmes for other health professionals.

European Parliament Declaration


The European Parliament Written Declaration on diabetes (nr 01/2006) adopted with an absolute majority.

To read the IDF Europe-FEND statement and the Declaration please click here

Press Release

Date: 19 April 2006

Issued by: International Diabetes Federation - European Region, Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes

IDF Clinical Practice Guidelines

Global Guideline for Type 2 Diabetes

IDF definition of the metabolic syndrome: Frequently asked questions

IDF Consultative Section on Diabetes Education

DECS is committed to improving the quality of life of people with diabetes through assisting health professionals, professional organizations and member associations to provide high quality diabetes education and care.

Established in 1994, the IDF Consultative Section on Diabetes Education (DECS) identifies and addresses issues relating to diabetes education and care at the international level.

IDF Worldwide Definition of the Metabolic Syndrome

The metabolic syndrome is a cluster of the most dangerous heart attack risk factors: diabetes and prediabetes, abdominal obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

IDF Multidisciplinary Diabetes Education Programme

Debbie Jones

Ms Debbie Jones from Bermuda is currently a Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). She is coordinator of the Diabetes Centre of the Bermuda Hospitals Board and coordinator of clinical trials at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Hamilton, Bermuda. In the past, she has been Vice-Chair and Chair of the IDF North American Region (2003-2006).

Andrew Boulton


Prof Andrew Boulton

Andrew Boulton is Professor of Medicine at the University of Manchester, Consultant Physician at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Professor of Medicine at the Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami.