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Summary of IDF Consensus on the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

The IDF strategy for the prevention of type 2 diabetes is based on controlling modifiable risk factors and can be divided into two target groups:

Cameroon Diabetes Prevention Plan

National Diabetes Prevention Plan - Cameroon

Research evidence was used to get the government of Cameroon to adopt a national diabetes programme. Studies showed that 12-16% of adults in urban areas and 5-6% in rural areas had hypertension (?160/95 mmHg) and 5-6% of men and 3% of women in urban and rural areas had diabetes.

Health economics of diabetes prevention

Diabetes questionnaire

Simple, practical, non-invasive and inexpensive methods are needed to identify individuals at high risk for IGT and diabetes and to limit the proportion of the population requiring diagnostic glucose tolerance tests.  IDF recommends the use of brief patient questionnaires to help healthcare professionals to quickly identify people who may be at a higher risk and who need to have their level of risk further investigated. This type of questionnaire could also be used by individuals for self-assessment. 


Malmö Study

Sir Michael Hirst

Sir Michael Hirst from the United Kingdom is the President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2013-2015.

Shaukat Sadikot

Dr. Shaukat M. Sadikot from India is the President-Elect of the International Diabetes Federation 2013-2015, and President of DiabetesIndia. Presently working as a Consultant in Endocrinology at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai, he has been actively involved with the cause of diabetes and associated metabolic disorders for the past 30 years.

IDF Consensus on Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Early intervention and the avoidance or delay of progression to type 2 diabetes is of enormous benefit to patients in terms of increasing life expectancy and quality of life, and potentially in economic terms for society and health-care payers.

Anne-Marie Felton

Anne-Marie Felton from the United Kingdom is currently a Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), and the co-Founder and current Chair of the Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND).

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