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Insulin colour code

A universal colour code means that similar preparations of insulin have the same colour on the label regardless of manufacturer, and that this is standardized worldwide. Such a colour code helps to reduce confusion and uncertainty for people with diabetes who have to buy insulin abroad or from a different source.

Following an IDF initiative, major insulin manufacturers agreed on a universal colour code for human insulin preparations.

Wim Wientjens

Wim Wientjens from The Netherlands is currently a Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). In the past, he has been a member of the IDF Executive Board (1997-2000) and Chair of the IDF European Region (2003-2006).

About the Task Force

The Task Force on Insulin and Other Essential Diabetes Medicines and Technologies was set up by IDF to meet the challenges posed by the lack of access to and availability of insulin and diabetes supplies in many countries of the world.

Diabetes & obesity




Integrated Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases

Joint statement to the 113th meeting of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization, Geneva, 19-24 January 2004. 

Mr Chairman, honourable members of the Executive Board, Director-General, Regional Directors, ladies and gentlemen,

This statement is made jointly by the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) on behalf of the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO), the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the World Heart Federation (WHF), the International Union of Nutrition

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Guide for Guidelines

Guide for GuidelinesThe Guide for Guidelines is a publication of the IDF Task Force on Clinical Practice Guidelines. It has been written for all those involved in the care of people with diabetes; for those about to prepare guidelines to assist in the delivery of  diabetes care; and for those who wish to draw on the experience of others in developing such guidelines.

The publication includes:

IDF Europe - Who we work with

Together we are stronger

IDF Europe seeks to partner with responsible corporations, foundations or public entities to advance its mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure in Europe and worldwide.

These essential partnerships are made in complete transparency and respect the independence of IDF Europe as a Federation. For this reason, our partners agree to work with us respecting our Guiding Principles. You can download the document here.

IDF Europe - EU Diabetes Working Group

The EU Diabetes Working Group (EUDWG) is a group of cross-party, cross-national Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) committed to putting diabetes on the European agenda.

The EUDWG was first created in November 2002 by John Bowis MEP, Mary Banotti MEP and IDF Europe, with the support of former EU Health Commissioner David Byrne. It was then re-launched in November 2009 to act as a strong platfrom to build the European Diabetes Coalition's (ECD) EU public affairs programme.

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