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IDF Online Interactive Modules

The IDF online interactive modules are aimed to ensure the best possible education in a flexible, self-paced environment that makes use of the latest learning technologies available to health professionals wherever they are in the world so that they are equipped to provide optimal management for the estimated 415 million people living with diabetes. 

IDF-DAR practical guidelines on Diabetes and Ramadan

The majority of Muslims across the globe are passionate about fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan,  one of the five pillars of Islam. Depending on the geographical location and season, the duration of the daily fast may range from a few to 20 hours.

Diabetes takes centre stage on World Health Day 2016

This April 7th marks World Health Day (WHD). The first World Health Assembly, held by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, declared that WHD would be celebrated on this date from 1950 onwards. For the first time ever, WHO has chosen diabetes as its theme for WHD in 2016.

Diabetes and Ramadan Practical Guidelines

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims and, as one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting during this time is prescribed. The month lasts for 29–30 days, during which time the consumption of food and drink, as well as oral and injected medications, is forbidden between dawn and dusk. Depending on the season and geographic location, each period of fasting may last for up to 20 hours.

Facts and figures WDC Vancouver 2015

Sugar taxes and type 2 diabetes prevention: UK takes a step in the right direction

Diabetes is one of the largest global health emergencies of this century, and its life-changing complications have a disproportionate human and economic impact in our societies.

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Diabetes Voice March 2016

The March 2016 issue of Diabetes Voice, the quarterly magazine of IDF, is now available. In this issue, our contributors give voice to the diabetes crisis in numbers, and why diabetes estimates can no longer be ignored.

World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

World Health Day (WHD) is celebrated every year on April 7th. The World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen diabetes as its theme for WHD in 2016 – for the first time ever.

Fundación de Diabetes Juvenil del Ecuador


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22nd Annual International Diabetes Conference - UDOP 2016

Thu, 04/28/2016 to Sat, 04/30/2016