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Diabetes and Pregnancy

Pregnant women who have diabetes have special health concerns and complications. Follow this event to learn more about the fundamentals, a journey of expected mother with type 1 diabetes and more.

The event is hosted by the Tasmania branch of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association, Australia's largest organisation representing diabetes educators and health professionals with an interest in diabetes and diabetes education.

Fri, 03/11/2016

Chronic Disease & Mental Health Symposium

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) is partnering with the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) and Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) to hold a symposium looking at the management of chronic disease and mental health.

Chronic disease and mental health pose an enormous burden on the health of Australians. This symposium will bring together specialist nurses to explore opportunities to take the lead in providing collaborative, integrated chronic disease and mental health management.

Fri, 02/26/2016

Croatian Association for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders


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Diabetes Swaziland


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Honduras is one of the 19 countries of the IDF SACA region.

415 million people have diabetes in the world and more than 29.6 million people in the SACA Region; by 2040 this will rise to 48.8 million.

There were 334,500 cases of diabetes in Honduras in 2015.

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ADS/ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting

World-renowned experts will converge in Gold Coast (Queensland) for Australia’s pre-eminent diabetes health professional conference, the ADS/ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting, to reveal the latest scientific and clinical exploration bringing us another step closer to a cure for diabetes.

The Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA), leaders in diabetes education, clinical management and research are hosting the annual event: the mecca for national and international diabetes experts.

Wed, 08/24/2016 to Sun, 08/28/2016

14th International Primary Care Diabetes Europe Conference

The scope of the meeting comprises a broad range of topics on various aspects of cure and care for people living with diabetes, relevant for all primary health care practitioners and provides an opportunity to share and discuss the latest state of the art knowledge in the field. The scientific programme will feature keynote lectures and state of the art sessions from international experts. The detailed scientific programme will be published shortly (on PCDE websites, PCD Journal, etc.).

Fri, 04/29/2016 to Sat, 04/30/2016


Palestine is one of the 19 countries and territories of the IDF MENA region.

415 million people have diabetes in the world and more than 35.4 million people in the MENA Region; by 2040 this will rise to 72.1 million.

There were over 146,700 cases of diabetes in Palestine in 2015.

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17th International Congress of Endocrinology in collaboration with the 15th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Endocrinology

The collaboration promotes the International Society of Endocrinology’s (ISE) long-term commitment to supporting endocrinology across the globe, especially in developing countries.

Our local and international experts are working together to develop an unmissable program of the highest scientific standard appealing to the full spectrum of endocrinologists around the globe – discovery scientists, clinician scientists, practicing endocrinologists and of course, our ongoing commitment to trainees.

Wed, 08/31/2016 to Sun, 09/04/2016


Swaziland is one of the 32 countries of the IDF African region.

415 million people have diabetes in the world and more than 14 million people in the AFR Region; by 2040 this figure will almost double.

There were 18,400 cases of diabetes in Swaziland in 2015.

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