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DAFI - Technical committee

Diabetes Africa Foot Initiative (DAFI) Technical Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. Silver Bahendeka, IDF Africa Region
  • Vice Chair: Dr.Evariste Bouenizabila, IDF Africa Region
  • Maïmouna  Mbaye: Secretary & Africa Diabetes Foot Care Coordinator
  • Dr.Kaushik Ramaiya, IDF Africa Region
  • Dr. Line Kleinebreil, UNFM e-education
  • Dr Z Abbas, International Working Group on Diabetes Foot, Expert Advisor
  • Prof George Ramahandridona, Expert Advisor
  • Prof. Andrew Boulton, Expert Advisor

Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network

The Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network (PDGN) is a major advocacy programme of the International Diabetes Federation.

It was established in December 2013 at the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia. Parliamentary representatives from 55 countries met at a special forum for diabetes political champions.

The Parliamentarians agreed to establish the Network on a permanent basis to be led by a team of three officers:

DAFI - Participating Centres

The Diabetes Africa Foot Initiative (DAFI) is being implemented in ten African countries.

DAFI - Objectives

The primary objective of the Diabetes Africa Foot Initiative (DAFI) is to prevent lower extremity amputations in sub-Saharan Africa.

Deliverables include:

KiDS Diabetes Information Pack India

The IDF KiDS Diabetes in School Information Pack India is available in English and Hindi. Select your language below.

Kids Diabetes Information Pack Hindi

First Global NCD Alliance Forum Announced

The NCD Alliance recently announced the launch of the first Global NCD Alliance Forum, which will take place in November 2015, and will be hosted by Friends of Cancer Patients in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Ajman Healthcare Summit (AHS)

A summit on Cardiology, Dermatology and Diabetes.



Thu, 03/05/2015 to Sat, 03/07/2015

IDEA Summit 2014

The IDEA Summit is a unique European event dedicated to collaboration, translational research and technology transfer in the field of diabetes. It offers a one-to-one partnering session enabling Pharma, Biotech, TTOs & Academic Scientists to explore licensing & collaborative opportunities as well as a conference program dedicated to shed light on recent innovations and clinical achievements in the field of diabetes.

Tue, 12/02/2014 to Wed, 12/03/2014

Global Diabetes Scorecard

The Global Diabetes Scorecard - published by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) - contains the views of 125 IDF Member Associations from 104 countries on how far their national governments have progressed in responding to the diabetes challenge by December 2013 and sets the baseline for future monitoring.