Forte hausse des candidatures pour le programme de recherche de transfert de la FID

Le 4e cycle de financement pour le programme BRIDGES (Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems) de la FID est arrivé à terme le 15 février.

El programa de investigación traslacional de la FID ve un aumento en las solicitudes

La cuarta fase de financiación del Programa BRIDGES (Acercando la Investigación en Diabetes a los Sistemas y Entornos Mundiales) terminó el 15 de febrero.

IDF’s translational research programme sees surge in applications

The 4th round of funding for IDF’s BRIDGES (Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems) programme came to a close on February 15.

BRIDGES project shows that diabetes risk factors in young Sri Lankans are much higher than previously thought

Scientists at King's College London and the National Diabetes Centre (Sri Lanka) have found evidence of a high number of risk factors for type 2 diabetes among the young urban population in Sri Lanka. The study is the first large-scale investigation into diabetes risk among children and young people in South Asia, and provides further evidence that the region is rapidly becoming a hotspot in the growing international diabetes epidemic.

BRIDGES 2011 report showcases activities of the programme

The IDF BRIDGES programme has published an extensive report that provides an overview of its activities since 2007, with a focus on the 29 projects that were selected during the first three rounds of BRIDGES funding and the D-START twinning prevention programme.

BRIDGES sponsored IDF Peer Leader Manual

The International Diabetes Federation recognises the urgent need to reach a great number of healthcare providers with the best diabetes education materials in order to promote improved daily diabetes management and care skills and prevent disabiling complications. Innovative, appropriate educational tools are key to engage and motivate all learners and facilitate effective learning.

Announcement of selected projects 3rd round of funding

The International Diabetes Federation has disclosed the selected projects from BRIDGES 3rd round of funding. 3 new short term and 4 new long term projects will be supported, increasing the total number of supported projects to 29 in 24 countries. 

“Gestational Diabetes: Things you need to know (but maybe don’t)” – Design, Development, Pilot and Evaluation of a DVD for women with Gestational Diabetes (LT10-346)

Main institution:

Queen’s University Belfast  

Other Institutions:

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust; South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast; :  St. Mary’s Hospital, Manchester

Principal Investigator:


Other Investigators:

F.Alderdice; D.McCance; R.Harper; C.Patterson; M.Maresh

Locations of the project:

Belfast and Manchester (United Kingdom)

Amount allocated:

USD 359,406

Peer-led and Telehealth Interventions for Diabetes Prevention in Maracaibo, Venezuela (LT10-342)

Main Institution: 

Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo (Venezuela)

Principal Investigator:


Oher Investigators:

H.Florez; V.Stepenka; E.Ryder

Location of the project:

Maracaibo (Venezuela)

Amount allocated:

USD 340, 058


September 30, 2011 - January 31, 2016


Mobile Phone Diabetes Self-Management Support: a multi-country analysis of its implementation in existing Diabetes Self-Management Education Programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia and the Philippines (LT10-341)

Main Institution:

Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium)

Other Institutions:

Memisa (Democratic Republic of Congo); MoPoTsyo (Cambodia); Veterans Memorial Medical Center (Philippines)

Principal Investigators:

G.Kegels; J.C Kalobu; M.van Pelt; G.M Ku

Other investigators:

W.Van Damme; K.Van Acker; J.van Olmen; B.Villaraza; D.Dubourg

Locations of the project: