Improving access to HbA1c measurement in sub Saharan Africa (LT07-135)

Main institution:
Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University (United Kingdom)

Other institutions:
Health of Population in Transition (Cameroon)
Ministry of Heath (Guinea)

Principal investigator:
Dr Eugene Sobngwi

Other investigators:
Dr N.Balde

Location of the project:
Guinea and Cameroon

Amount allocated:
USD 398,258

November 1, 2008 - April 30, 2012



Long-term projects

BRIDGES 4th round of funding launched

The 4th round of funding for the IDF BRIDGES (Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems) global grant programme is now open. This round is dedicated to short term projects (maximum 2 years and USD 65.000). The deadline to complete the application form is 15 February 2012.

Introduction to BRIDGES and D-START

Under the umbrella of BRIDGES, the International Diabetes Federaton is now offering 2 financing programmes to support projects in translational research. BRIDGES BRIDGES is dedicated to projects around the world testing and implementing innovative research in diabetes. BRIDGES is targeted at applicants who already have an experience in designing and implementing projects in translational research and/or education. BRIDGES is extremely competitive.



Selected coordinating site: University of Helsinki (project submitted by Dr Qing Qiao, Dr Markku Peltonen, Professor Jaakko Tuomilehto and Dr Weiguo Gao)

Selected implementation sites: National Institute of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders, Hanoi (Vietnam) The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi (Pakistan) The aim of this initiative is to promote and facilitate the:

    Fourth round of funding

    Application for BRIDGES 4th round of funding is now closed. Results will be announced in April 2012.

    About translational research

    About translational research

     Click here to view example 1 of a translational research project  

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     Click here to view example 5: Translational research project taking place in Chennai, India (file is 2mb)

     For all enquiries please contact: Ronan L'Heveder  

     *Translational research transforms currently available knowledge into useful measures for everyday clinical and public health practice. Translation research aims to assess implementation of standards of care, understand the barriers to their implementation, and intervene throughout all levels of health care delivery and public health to improve quality of care and health outcomes, including quality of life
    In Narayan et al. "Diabetes Translation Research: Where Are We and Where Do We Want To Be?" in Ann Intern Med, 2004; 140:958-963

    2nd round of funding

    The 2nd round of funding for BRIDGES is now closed and results will be announced in January 2010.


    The International Diabetes Federation has organized nine workshops since 2008 (one per IDF region) dedicated to translational research in diabetes. The aim of the workshops is to help potential "applicants" to BRIDGES, and other funding programmes linked to translational research, to develop their skills in methodology, study design, and other relevant elements.

    Each Workshop lasted for one day, and the number of participants was limited to 15 people per workshop. The workshops are free of charge.